Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

There are many words I can use to describe Fincher's Gone Girl which would be fitting. Masterpiece. Thrilling. Tense. Beautiful. Hilarious. But I think the best would be haunting. My time the film ended I had chills go through my spine.

I don't think many would consider Gone Girl to be a horror film but goddamn there are some horrifying moments that are way more tense and "scary" than a majority of horror films. Not many films can reveal a twist(not even half way through) and become even more intense after that.

Now I'd like to take a minute to talk about what seemed like a very odd cast in theory but turned out quite perfect for the film. Ben Affleck didn't seem like he even had to try for this role, it came natural to him. Neil Patrick Harris was an interesting choice who I honestly did not to see in this type of movie but he does a good job. Now for an arrangement of words I'd never thought I'd say,Tyler Perry made me laugh. That's right folks, Tyler Perry was actually a perfect casting choice for his character. He managed to be semi-serious and also funny. The biggest surprise was Rosamund Pike, an actress I've never heard of before despite having seen a couple of her films. She was absolutely amazing and without a doubt stole the show. Oscar nom right there for sure.

Now as some of you are probably surprised when I mentioned it earlier, Gone Girl is quite funny at time. It's filled with subtle humor that flows well the darker tone of the film. I never read the book for Gone Girl but I can tell you as far as adapted screenplays go, this is also a lock up for an Oscar nom.

Now to wrap up this review I want to mention that like every Fincher film, the cinematography is incredible. Only Fincher and Soderberg can make digital look so fucking amazing. And of course Trent & Atticus created another amazing score. I need to listen to it a few times to see if I like it more than TSN but I definitely like it more than TGWTDT.

When Gone Girl opens next weekend, go rush to see it ASAP, because this is not just one of the best films of the year, but one of the best of the decade.

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