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  • Booksmart



    Booksmart is the film to beat this year for me in pure, unadulterated enjoyment. I know it's kind of early to call, but no film this year has made me want to go and watch it again straight away, not even Endgame. And the problem is I saw I preview screening, so I HAVE to wait!!!!

    I love Superbad. To me, it captures this depiction of teenage shenanigans, language and problems that can be relatable to anyone from any generation.…

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Call Me By Your Name is one of the most visually and audibly beautiful movies I have seen, with a concept, character roster and metaphor rich story at the same level of jaw dropping beauty.

    Every shot in this film feels meticulously crafted to make every second count. No shot is unimportant, shots linger and let every moment play out in its fullest, richest glory. The story allows for the audience to take this journey with these characters at the…

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  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    Toy Story 4 is a funny, enjoyable entry into a series that I believe can continue, and want it to, if it doesn't rely so heavily on nostaligia cashgrabs.

    There are a lot of strange character changes in this film. Most of the original cast barely gets any screen time, Buzz is dumb (?!?!?!) and I really didnt like Key and Peele's characters, way too slapstick and stupid yelling humour for me (but I know they're not targeting me so…

  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys


    The Nice Guys is probably my favourite buddy cop film ever.

    The chemistry and back and forth between Ryan Gosling and Russle Crowe is exceptionally entertaining. Their witty comebacks and catch phrases had me out loud giggling the whole film through!

    *high pitched squeel* "Jesus!"

    Adding to that, Ryan Gosling is outstanding in this film. I'm a fanboy, but man, he kills it in this, he looks like he is having the most fun playing this character. I love him…