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  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    Lynch parodying Lynch. Easily his most insecure and self-loathing work. Inland Empire is a film about... watching Inland Empire? The reflexive nature both within the film itself and Lynch’s oeuvre as a whole perhaps suggests one of two polar opposites: either the viewer has figured him out completely, or not at all. In either case, Lynch's response is to accelerate; evil prevails further, attempts at self actualization result in the contrary, and an escape from Hell seems so close and…

  • Vertigo



    This viewing of Hitchcock’s Vertigo elevated it to the absolute highest tier of my personal canon, accompanied only by Bergman’s The Seventh Seal and Mishima’s Patriotism.

    From the very first extreme close-up of the opening credits, the film makes its focus known. Kim Novak as Madeleine is an enchantress and an enigma. She is simply the sum of her parts, but she also transcends the natural. She is a set of lips, a pair of eyes, a dainty, fragile woman.…

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  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return


    didn’t love it but it was an enjoyable and fascinating ride nonetheless. really unsure where it falls in the scope of Lynch’s auteurial thesis.

    edit: retracting my statements less than an hour afterward. i was too hard on this. gotta think about this one a lot.

  • Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Brokenhearted

    Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Brokenhearted


    neat little piece

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  • Long Toast

    Long Toast

    can this freak go away

  • Tenet



    yeah okay nerds whatever enjoy this one