I'm Thinking of Ending Things

Cinephiles will make fun of Nolan fans for saying "you just didn't understand it" to anyone who doesn't like his films, then get angry at people who didn't like this.

Like this is even that deep. I never thought of myself as someone who disliked Charlie Kaufman but this damn well pushes me off the fence. Oooooh, I'm going to die one day, thinking about that makes me feel sad. Existence is meaningless suffering, everything is confusing. Regular people don't think about this, only I do, because I'm deep and thoughtful and artistic, or something.

The joke is, Charlie, all of the people you look down on as plebeians and simpletons, as people who are intellectually and culturally below you, they actually do think about these things, they do understand these ideas, they do consider the notions of mortality, nihilism, existentialism, free will and whatever the fuck else you're barely exploring as themes in your vague, pretentious, fake deep monologues. The only actual difference is that most people know how to shut the fuck up, and you don't. It doesn't actually make you special or intellectual to go on and on about all of this, it just makes you extremely annoying and boring.

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