Nope ★★★★

Another uniquely fresh and ambitiously crafted SciFi horror drama from Jordan Peele. The movie has a straightforward plot approach, but similar to his previous outings he brilliantly builds upon the tension and suspense with each passing moment, keeping one curious and interested all through. Adding to the eeriness was its solid sound design and wide shots. While the entire cast puts on a good show, the perfectly complementing duo in energetic Keke Palmer and stoic Daniel Kaluuya grab the top honors. It’s thematically rich and well layered, opening itself to multiple interpretations. I personally felt it was a bit too overlong and jumpy at places. The finale did miss out on his distinctive high kick, although the Oprah shot was breathtaking. As a whole it has enough funny, weird and mysterious thrills to make it one highly worthy big screen spectacle.

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