Lightyear ★★★½

To infinity and beyond!

So yes I finally saw lightyear. It was pretty good as well. I feel like the film could have been more epic for sure but overall very fun. 

I think the only issue I have with this film is the story. It just felt very safe and kinda predictable. After you get past the time jump stuff it becomes a very safe story I would say. 

The animation was fantastic though. Maybe the best looking animated film of the year. The score was kinda average but some of the cinematography was surprisingly stunning. 

I also loved the characters and voice work provided. Chris Evans was a great pick. Also well done disney for showing one of the main female protagonists kids her partner and not breaking down to these pathetic people who have complained. These people using the words “woke” and “snowflakes” on a daily bases when describing a lot of modern movies get no respect from me. 

Overall I thought it was a really fun time. Definitely could have been better but for what it was it was really fun! 


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