The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½

Wow wow and wow! 

I had a feeling this would be good, and it was. Easily going to go down as one of the best releases of 2022. That’s if your in the uk like me. 

To start with the acting is just fantastic in this movie. Not just from the leads but even the side characters which show up for very minimal screen time. Just fantastic. 

I loved the story as well. I wasn’t sure how the title worked for the film but by the end of the movie I got. Really cleaver and so well done. Something which I’m sure a lot of people may be able to relate to. 

I have seen some people saying the back half of the film was either weaker or stronger because the film does feel like a film of two half’s. I personally loved both half’s equally. Thought there was excellent moments in both. 

The stand out parts for me was when time kinda froze and the drug part. So well shot. The cinematography throughout this film was well was awesome. 

Really loved this movie. Go watch it if you haven’t! 


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