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  • The Butterfly Effect

    The Butterfly Effect


    Memory can be deceptive as every detail of an event may not be accurately recalled. Although that is a given, the distinction between what one remembers in contrast to how experiences play out is certainly on display here as the past affects the future. In that regard, while we may not always think about our choices and circumstances in the moment, the outcome always reveals itself. I'm no expert when it comes to chaos theory, but keeping in mind how…

  • The Isle

    The Isle


    Isolation is such an effective aspect in this since spending time with the characters as they familiarize themselves with the isle is an experience that while it isn't groundbreaking, it reveals that there is more to the isle than what they perceive. It is an experience that proves that staying is just as harrowing as leaving as both actions result in detailing why the titular isle does not take well to visitors. It is evident that the sailors have not…

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  • The Blob

    The Blob


    It's a good thing that scientists have never created a monster like the one that is depicted here. It would be rather destructive even if the intentions behind it are genuine. That said, this movie exemplifies how an experiment does not always produce predictable results as there is always a margin of error despite the best efforts to prevent that from happening. That is what makes the titular monster so menacing, so much so that its appearance is deceiving at…

  • The Suckling

    The Suckling


    Outlandishly wild. This is a movie that has fun with its concept in spite of the technical shortcomings. The editing does come off as amateurish at times, specifically in regards to the titular creature's mutations, but you know what? That is an aspect that adds to the quaintness to this feature that not too many genre efforts are endowed with. It's as if this movie was injected with a the right amount of schlock that increases as the creature increases…