Host ★★★★

We watched this movie around 3 or 4 AM, drunk out of our minds the week that it came out. I still had the bad taste of Unfriended in my mouth but with its runtime and our growing tiredness we couldn't go wrong.

If I could summarize this movie as a meme, it'd be:

Unfriended: Who are you?
Host: I'm you but stronger.

There is no scarcity for the "digital-space horror" trope in past history and streaming catalogues. From great films like Searching, to one of the Paranormal Activities(?), and the abysmal Unfriended, it's an established hit-or-miss.

Host hits it out of the park, even from a drunken state. While it continues to use some horror clichés, a slightly more creative cyber-paranormal terror combined with the new relevancy of the video-confencering software Zoom, in a tight package of 56 minutes is fun horror.

With Zoom, there are enough new features/scenes that will make audiences', especially students', skin crawl, from:

Dynamic Backgrounds
Share Screens and more,

opening the zoom app again won't be that easy, and that's great horror.