The Social Dilemma ★★½

It's midterm season, just struggling with online learning.

The Social Dilemma is Netflix's newest spotlight documentary that highlights the irony within the ideal of "AI" and how it's doom-like implications have already set its course; as algorithms control the modern societal pillars.

If your parents or grandparents already fear the thought of "chip implants," this will push them to the edge.

To be able to see and hear real Silicon Valley veterans explain and expose the monsters they've unleashed from their own minds is melancholically alarming; ultimately wrapping the message in a pessimist vibe of:

(chuckles) I’m in danger.

However, while the dramatized plot in between has its place in family viewings, I only cared for the pure-doc segments.

Ultimately, The Social Dilemma is a good reminder of why our lives orbit around a virtual self ... but as I finished the film, looked at my Netflix’s personalized menu, thought of the countless “We just added something you might like” emails I couldn’t help but think: nobody’s safe from capitalism.

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