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  • Dominion
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring
  • Moonlight
  • Avatar Spirits

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  • Alan Partridge - Mid-Morning Matters

  • Choomah Island 3: Denouement

  • Trainspotting

  • The Empire Strikes Back

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  • Alan Partridge - Mid-Morning Matters

    Alan Partridge - Mid-Morning Matters

    today we’re talking condiments

    watched the entire extended series. in terms of pure laughs per minute, I reckon this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Trainspotting


    a film to revisit when the smoke of change is thick in the air, when you really start to consider who you are and what destination the path you’re on is leading to. no need to get into too much praise, most of how I feel towards Trainspotting has been covered in previous reviews. my only new takeaway is that Danny Boyle’s directing here is so incredibly underrated. the camera moves with such boldness and confidence, as if it’s finally been let off a leash and allowed to adventure where it pleases. the scene with the kitten is especially powerful.

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  • The Beatles: Get Back

    The Beatles: Get Back

    what's better than this, guys bein dudes

  • Joker



    From a technical point, impressive. My boy Joaquin has been far better (his portrayal as Freddie Quell in The Master perhaps being my choice for the greatest on-screen performance of all time) but he’s still excellent here. The score was riveting, bold and uncompromising. It’s nice to see De Niro back, and Atlanta stars Zazie Beets and Bryan Tyree Henry steal the few scenes they’re in. Cinematography checks out. Brilliant use of Cream’s ‘White Room’.

    However, overall... Joker isn’t very good.…