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  • Joker



    From a technical point, impressive. My boy Joaquin has been far better (his portrayal as Freddie Quell in The Master perhaps being my choice for the greatest on-screen performance of all time) but he’s still excellent here. The score was riveting, bold and uncompromising. It’s nice to see De Niro back, and Atlanta stars Zazie Beets and Bryan Tyree Henry steal the few scenes they’re in. Cinematography checks out. Brilliant use of Cream’s ‘White Room’.

    However, overall... Joker isn’t very good.…

  • After the Screaming Stops

    After the Screaming Stops


    a legitimate documentary that definitely feels like a mockumentary. and then you feel bare bad when they start getting serious and you're like oh damn this is a real documentary. yeah. some bits are hilarious though, unintentionallly I guess. the bald one is 1000x better than the in-the-closet one.