Today I wanted to reflect my opinions on Martin Scorsese’s not-so-recent comments about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, why they’re pathetic, (and why he’s correct).

Essentially, Scorsese said they were ‘not cinema’ and akin to ‘theme-parks’. They are comments I would expect to hear from a budding film student who just watched Raging Bull for the first time, and realised what film could be, immediately shunning all their previous favourites, the ones that got them into the medium in the first place. It sounds incredibly naive and pretentious. To hear it from a true great comes off as just a little embarrassing. 

I will remind you these are films based off comic books, entertaining stories that are made to sell millions. It’s like if Richard Dawkins or Hilary Mantel came out and said “yeah, I always thought what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were doing was a stain on the art form” or something like that. It’s just rude and so, so childish. The MCU is absolutely fine for what it is, please don’t be that guy at the party.

The thing is, while I could record myself painting a wall for an hour, and it would technically be ‘cinema’, Scorsese is absolutely right to call these movies ‘theme-parks’. But I do love the odd rollercoaster, and there are times I’d rather go to Thorpe Park than the Tate Britain, (and I’d certainly rather watch Avengers: Infinity War over a de-aged De Niro lifelessly trundle around the screen for nearly 4 hours). Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy, and stop sounding like a spoiled teenager. They’re comic books, for Christ’s sake.

Now, as for what Francis Ford Coppola said...

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