Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Watched at Wimbledon Odeon.

...I can't really be bothered to get into this one too much, I already feel incredibly detached from anything Star Wars that isn't the original trilogy, so I was never going to be incredibly excited for this one. I'm just going to jot down some random thoughts here, first of all the reason why this trilogy didn't work was because there wasn't enough planning. I think this is common knowledge at this point. I don't know how to run a company, but it's obvious that they should have spent more time mapping out what was already going to be an incredibly difficult trilogy to make. Now we have three films that all feel completely offbeat and desperate. Disney haven't given us a reason why these should have been made. Like most times when you add more material to a pre-existing and loved story (a few examples I could think of were the Prequel Trilogy, The Legend of Korra and Fantastic Beasts) they take away more than they add, and therefore fail to justify their existence.

While most people my age like the prequels, I hate them and recognise their utter life-inducing atrocity. For me, it's always been the OT and only the OT. That trilogy just has a certain magic that is completely devoid in any other Star Wars film. I went to this film on the opening day and it was practically empty. When a certain character died, people laughed! What's happened? Well... lots has happened. People have lost interest. There was so much buzz when TFA came out, and Star Wars was back! But it seems to have died down now, almost to a new low. It's funny that TFA turned out to be the best of the new trilogy. Jeesh. Yeah I didn't like this one, don't really want to talk about it any longer, not because I really care about any of this, actually the opposite.

Go watch the original trilogy, it's quality.

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