Vivre Sa Vie

Watched online.

So I really liked this, at least until the final few minutes and now I'm just in a state of shock with it all. I expected certain beats going into a film about prostitution, I was surprised by how glamorous it portrayed a job that I would personally consider to be dangerous and depressive. Having no clue on how it was going to end, as there's not really a whole lot of plot going on, I entered that final scene an innocent smiling viewer and was left with my eyebrows raised and my initial thoughts on the film violently thrown into question. I think I'm really going to like the French New Wave, and to be honest it's a sin this is the first film I've watched from such an innovative and iconic era of filmmaking. Also one of the actors in this film looked so much like Mondain from Les Choristes that I'm sure they're related.

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