Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

I didn’t think I needed this so soon after the scale & events of Endgame. 

Turns out I was wrong- thanks to a fun, playful outing from Spidey played by, in my humble opinion, the far best to have ever played him AND Peter Parker, Tom Holland. Some stellar set pieces & a European jaunt that gives virtually every supporting character moments to shine (Happy & Ned in particular although Jake Gyllenhal is a decent & charamastic Mysterio), it also balances the Tony Stark homage needed for the after effects of Endgame & yet doesn’t overplay it. 

Also, I’m geeky enough to have spent ages squinting at the scene during one train station scene to see if Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm, the irrepressible JB Smoothe was drinking my daily work brand of coffee. Still undecided on that. Luckily, this film isn’t as boring as me. Oh, & the mid & post credit scenes are definitely worth it, these are not throwaways so well worth staying for.

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