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  • Anima


    It’s really just an extended music video.

    But it was pretty cool.

    EDIT: Ok so I just found out that Thom Yorke was the main dude in it. I’m not a Radiohead fan so I didn’t know what he looked like. I legit thought that dude was just a homeless guy that was turned into an actor and not to disrespect his appearance or anything but that was just a surprise to me. I didn’t expect at all for him to look like that lol

  • Birdman



    A captivating masterpiece.
    Literally made me question so much of art and honestly I’m even more clueless than before. I’m even scared to write this review so I’ll just leave it here. Not to say that it didn’t inspire me creatively, because it did, more so than most films ever have.

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  • Step Brothers

    Step Brothers


    Obnoxious comedy. I just don’t find it funny. And I know, some people talk about McKay’s ‘smart dumb comedy’ but honestly I didn’t see any satirisation of dumb comedy cliches at all, just the cliches themselves. 

    I hate to bring more negative vibes into this but McKay is starting to become one of my least favourite directors. The dude made some stupid comedies for 10 years then all of a sudden switched to pseudo-intellectual political pieces that smugly try so hard (and fail) to be considered ‘art’. 🤡

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    Fairly standard marvel fare. 
    Kinda fun and kinda funny.

    - Jake Gyllenhaal
    - Mysterio twist - fresh and interesting for a Marvel villain, (possible depth/subtext with a satirical commentary and slight deconstruction of the superhero genre?.......... 
    probably not though)
    - All the Mysterio mind-bending trippy simulation sequences were actually pretty cool.
    - Jake. Gyllenhaal.
    - Martin Starr’s teacher character was pretty damn funny at times
    - End credit sequence cameo - No 
    spoilers but if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about - YES BABYY HAHAH please come back for the next film, will definitely watch if so
    - Jake. Gyll.En.Haal.