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  • A Separation
  • News from Home
  • Climax
  • The Aviator's Wife

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  • Desert Hearts


  • Ritual


  • A Raisin in the Sun


  • Spider-Man: No Way Home


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  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    PTA is so unmatched that it is insane. Movie of the year candidate. Absolutely love how he’s able to craft some of the most refreshing stories while pushing the boundaries of tropes that peers of his struggle to work with.

  • Carol



    “My angel. Flung out of space.”

    Carol” is remarkable in form and excellent in substance. The direction and camera work is truly stunning. Endless roads and clear skies; Snow falls and busy streets. They don’t show off with the camera. They don’t impress an imposing nerve to the narration. The narration of the plot is but with an ideal comfort, a sharp focus on the main performances. Each sequence has the perfect length, the best framing; the most pertinent staging and…

Popular reviews

  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    Love Exposure is like the movie embodiment of a delirious fresco, mixing religion and vice in such an original way that I have never seen before. Sectarianism; Christianity; education; love -- or rather certain codes of romantic relationships; societal norms; Kurt Cobain; youth; strawberries; role of seniors in society; sexual pleasure; this film is unexpected, unpredictable, and unclassifiable. A jewel of imagination in genre-bending, this stands to be so unfamiliar compared to anything else I've seen before that it's difficult…

  • The Green Ray

    The Green Ray


    Writing this while drunk. Excuse any rambling tangents. 

    Simple characters in ordinary situations, many conversations sometimes about philosophical subjects, in others about more banal topics, however, all treated with simplicity and everyday lightness. The shots are usually directed with indifference towards the protagonists, almost with a sober documentary zeal. The camera has no intention to be the protagonist, the camera only shows. One sees the film and leaves feeling lighter, more in love, more enthusiastic and excited.

    One of the…