tom cruise can have all the success he has with top gun, but he will always be the guy that nicole kidman divorced

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  • Mulholland Drive
  • Paddington 2
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  • Do Revenge

    Do Revenge


    We need more Maya Hawke in movies, what a cinnamon roll <3
    But honestly everyone in this cast was amazing, from Camila Mendes as the lead Drea (Riverdale in the dust, this girl is an amazing actress), Alisha Boe (stunning, popular student with heart), Austin Abrams is that guy (his play in Euphoria still embedded in my brain), Talia Ryder (was in Never rarely sometimes always, underrated movie), Sophie Turner as the posh girl (short screentime but when she was…

  • Hustle



    do most basketball fans have an agenda against football, or is it just the american ones lmfao
    i mean they can hate it as much as they want but it is still the number one sport and by a mile

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  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    I've had a long and exhausting bad day. I needed to sleep and it just so happened I had to stop the film to get some sleep. I would've definitely loved the film even more without that.

    Fallen Angels is a romantic action film filled with great character inner thoughts that riled me up and made me feel some things I can't explain, things I've never really thought I'd feel. It's an action film like no other action film, and…

  • Polytechnique



    "Your son opened my eyes to how much hatred can be in this world. And it scarred me for life. He's dead, I'm alive. He's free, I'm not."

    Denis Villeneuve knows how to make a 77-minute film tear you to pieces. There are so many movies about real life tragedies yet this one just hits so hard. Women who were just living their life and working hard towards a bright future and everything was taken away from them. I'm not going to be able to recover for a while after watching this. I didn't cry but it disturbed me on such a higher level.