Starry Eyes ★★★★

“Ambition - the blackest of human desires. Everyone has it but, how many act on it?”

Starry Eyes is one of the best body horror/psychological horror movies I’ve seen in a while. Alex Essoe is phenomenal in the role of Sarah, who will do anything to fulfill her dream of being a successful actress. 

This film does a great job of portraying the bad parts of the film industry and the people that take advantage of young women, specifically, who want so badly to make their dreams a reality. It goes hand in hand with the metoo movement and shows how sleazy a lot of these men in power truly are. 

The last part of this movie is fucking nuts and so brutal. Sarah slowly deteriorates physically and mentally throughout the film, but the ending is one of the most bleak endings I’ve ever seen. Also the imagery in this film is some of the best and the score is amazing.

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