Wrong Turn ★★★★½

“Don’t forget it’s movie and pizza night.. the boys picked something about inbred cannibals.”

After I gave myself some time to sleep on it and really sit with my thoughts on this, I love it. I love that this remake/reboot/sequel whatever, does it’s own thing and takes the franchise in a new direction. Sure everybody loves the cannibals but I think using a cult in this was smart. I think the cult is scarier and bring a more sinister and eerie tone to the franchise. I also thought the pacing was really good and it didn’t feel like a 2 hour movie.

I think the cast is great and I’m glad there’s some diversity, although I wish Gary wasn’t the first to die, and Luis being killed off later. I think Charlotte Vega as Jen was a worthy final girl, even though I wish she had a little more character development. I wish they all did. However I did enjoy the cult and thought all of their characters were very interesting. 

This movie combines great atmosphere, a phenomenal score, and good dose of social/political commentary. The foundation are group with a different ideology. It plays on the stereotype of the rural south and explores the idea of prejudice. I also thought it was interesting how it gave us a Midsommar feel with the cult trying to convince the group of their own way of life. The film also gives us The Hills Have Eyes and even The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

The ending almost got me and I wasn’t too sure where it was going first but once the credits rolled (stay for them I’m telling you), and America the Beautiful started playing as Jen whooped everyone’s ass, while PREGNANT??? Amazing. 

This is a movie absolutely worth your time.

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