The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

Very miserable film, but my goodness did it allow for an excellent telling of a cyclical fight against corruption. It's a very fleshed out story about the generational course of religion and violence explored from a hopeful point of view, and that really did the trick for me.

And of course, as expected, the cast is great here too. I loved every performance. No surprise with Robert Pattinson with the hot streak he's on right now, and I'm glad to see Tom Holland finally deliver a great performance outside of Spider-Man. I was beginning to think he was an overrated actor, but he's proved to have range on him. Though Harry Melling was the biggest surprise for me. First time seeing him outside of his Dudley Dursley role and the dude pours a box of spiders onto his face. Gave me CHILLS. Probably my favourite set of performances given from a cast this year so far.

For me, It's a film that was able to both challenge and inspire with its themes and wide set of characters, where the overwhelmed goodness was able to shine through its unpleasent subject matter. Plus the cast is indeed great, so I'd say it was definately worth the watch.

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