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  • Summer Horror Day

    Summer Horror Day


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Actually pretty solid for a low budget bloodbath that's referred to as "the worst horror movie". I appreciate where Nike was going with this.

    So basically this kid reads some satanic papers or some shit, and I guess it summons zombies? Cannibals? Cannibal zombie regular guys in turtlenecks and windbreakers? That's pretty much it. The rest of the movie is the guy running from them and killing them. It doesn't really go anywhere.

    It sure is gory, though! I mean,…

  • Lycanimator



    It's uh... something, alright.
    I like the premise a lot. Reanimator/werewolf hybrid? Yes, please. Watched on Youtube and it got a ton of hate in the comments, but let me assure you - Lycanimator is FAR from the worst of these micro-budget films.
    I agree, the acting is a bit rough, and there's a surprising amount of filler for a movie with a 57 minute runtime, but it's still clever and fun in spirit. Even if the "werewolf" looks like…