Deep Red

Deep Red ★★★


Honestly, it feels like Dario Argento makes movies just for me. Every shot feels like something I want to steal and put in my own films. So many fantastic visual ideas and beats.

But... also... For every shot I always have to add "why did you do it like that? Whyyyyy?!" It's like he manages to translate his ideas JUST enough so you see what he is aiming for but it's always... slightly off too. A smooth camera move... always just about misses it's mark and have to awkwardly wobble back on track. The camera makes some really cool shit but sometimes... just for the sake of it instead of actually telling us something. And when the visuals actually matter I don't care as much as I should because he have told me they don't mean anything.

A horrific moment stumbles on some poor direction, actors leaning into the kills instead of trying to avoid it. "Oh, you want to stab me? Here's my neck." The awesome music... just lays there dead over whatever happens on screen. It's as if Goblin nailed what Argento was looking for but wasn't allowed to see the movie.

The scripts... They almost feel like something an evil older sibling would tell a younger sibling just to fuck them up before bedtime. Things doesn't really make sense or care to make sense because... why bother. The kid won't get any sleep. It works.

But not for me. Too many times I just laugh at what should be scary. I mean... The first Naked Gun movie stole it's ending from this, right?

If I wasn't so damn inspired by Argento I would give up on him.

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