Eternals ★★★

Marvel's Disneyfication of Tree of Life is...

...not bad.

It's kind of like when somebody you like cooks you a meal and you taste it and struggle to describe it and you blurt out a "...interesting." I really do like the ideas of it all, the love for life, that it's about something else than some shiny McGuffin-stone.

It does so without losing it's MCU-roots, the characters are still fun and big while being grounded AND too big at the same time. It's beautiful to look at (except for whenever they are indoors, all the set design feel TV-small.

But I kind of wish it had gone even deeper into the "Gods among us"-motif, to be more far out and weird. It could've been more... Terrence Malick. Baby steps, I guess, maybe they dare to be more hardcore Dune now after, well, Dune. It's biggest sin is being so middle ground, such a sold 3-star film.

Also: Gemma Chan sure look like Jennifer Lawrence a lot. It's okay, there are room for two.

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