Mothra vs. Godzilla ★★★½

Mothra has never been my favourite kaiju but I love the Mothra twin fairies and their repetitive song. Here we are one step further into Godzilla's evolution to become a more kid friendly franchise. He is still the villain of the story but the world is more fun and colourful and goofy - closer to Beastie Boys' Intergalactic video. Really fucking far away from the first movie's more sinister world.

And here he really looks like how I picture Godzilla when he is being mentioned. The "man-in-suit" defined, I doubt they were even trying to hide the fact it wasn't really a huge monster any more. And I can totally understand how a lot of people can't take that leap of faith and just laugh at it. But, to me, that is kind of like watching the muppets and go: "it's just a puppet with an arm shoved up it's ass!".

And I prefer to believe.

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