Midsommar ★★★★

If I told you, that there is a line in this movie, that seems like a reference to The Room… you wouldn't believe me, would you?

I didn't love Hereditary the same way everyone else did. I thought it was very good, especially Toni Collete's performance.
In the case of Midsommar, I think Ari Aster has crafted a superior movie.

The cinematography is great, the colour palette is very dream like. The editing is great, often cutting in the middle of playing music. And it's also used for some great scene transitions.
So take that Academy. Best Cinematography and Editing nomations, please.

The score I also liked. It very often comes from the movie itself. It's not improtant, it's just a nice thing that happens.

The performances are great across the board. But the one that stands out is Florence Pugh. She was so great, I never doubted that I was watching her character.
So take that Academy. Best Actress nomination, please.
Her male friends were great as well. All of them were in some shape or form assholes, but they were believable assholes, so I didn't take an issue with that.

Midsommar is at it's core about finding home and about break up. I thought it handled both of those themes very well.
Throughout the movie there were several moments, that I recognized as foreshadowing and sure enough, I was right. It was still awesome, though. I hope that on my second watch, I'm going to notice more.

In the end, I loved Midsommar. It's a great follow up to Hereditary, even better in my opinion, and I can't wait for what Ari Aster brings us next.

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