Lightyear ★★½

A fairly mercantile excuse to exploit a bit more the TOY STORY franchise which had nevertheless found its perfect and definitive conclusion with its magnificent third opus (and despite the addition of an inevitably anecdotal fourth episode), LIGHTYEAR could however have been a pleasant surprise if it had fully assumed its 'space opera' vibe or if it had fully played the card of the 'meta-discourse'.

Refusing this second option once the introductory card has disappeared (the movie never looks like a 1990s motion picture, and i'm not-mentioning the very, very subliminal 'woke' element many outraged, dumb people talked about), LIGHTYEAR nevertheless assumes a quite attractive 'science-fiction' starting point during a first act where the colossal shadow of Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR somehow manages to harmlessly coexist with the Pixar spirit.

Without departing itself from a notable immediate efficiency and a light tone that will undoubtedly seduce young audiences, LIGHTYEAR never really recovers from this beautifully poignant first half hour and gradually gets bogged down in a story that is more and more programmatic and static, hampered by overwhelming cinematographic references (from ALIENS to STARSHIP TROOPERS) that give to its ultimately cramped universe an unfortunate air of 'déjà-vu'.


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