Barbarian ★★★★

What. A. Ride.

In a world inundated with so much stale horror, at least on the mainstream front, Barbarian is welcomed breath of fresh air. It is chaos incarnate and it’s sheer unpredictability is why it stands tall over so many of the horror films from this year. When you think it will zig, it zags and it all culminates to a jaw-dropping climax. Hilarious at some moments and traumatizing at others, the reverberation of laughter and screams in a packed theater is powerful reminder of the beauty of communal theater watching.  

Horror may be the most subjective genre out there, but for me, Barbarian is undoubtedly the scariest film so far this year. Excluding Marmaduke.

Oh and I’m on YouTube now so i did a short spoiler free review here.

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