Nope ★★★★★

Nope is my love language.

A behemoth film where Peele truly flexes his muscles as an auteur. While it certainly pays tribute to early Spielberg, it has the signature biting commentary that we’ve grown to accustomed to in his work. While at times the commentary may take a backseat to the spectacle, it remains ever-present. The irony of a movie discussing our dangerous obsession with the spectacular is that Nope itself is a god damn spectacle, one that had every ounce of my attention. 

Maybe the most surprising aspect, for me at least, was how genuinely terrifying it felt. It injected fear deep into my soul which was only amplified by the booming and eerie score, reminiscent of Signs, and a cast that truly never misses a beat. 

What Jaws was for 1975 and the 70s, is what it feels like Nope can be for 2022 and the rest of the 2020s. A film that simultaneously defines the genre while also reinventing it.

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