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  • Benedetta


    Just saw the trailer.  I was very surprised when I saw “new film by Paul Verhoeven”.  Idk if it’s gonna be good, I hope so.  Either way it looks pretty.

  • Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard


    It’s pretty good, but I thought I’d like it more based on the first chunk of it.  The dialogue is well done and I’m a sucker for a film about film.  There are just some things I found lacking.  For one, the relation between Joe and Norma felt underdeveloped even though they spent a lot of the run time together, I still didn’t buy them or even her as in love.  Also the face Gloria Swanson kept making, with her…

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  • Persona



    This film is amazing and has the potential to be life in changing in how one sees life, identity and desire.
     It has a lot of what I like in cinema; surrealism, questions about human nature and beautiful black and white cinematography.  In Persona, faces are captured in what’s the probably the most original way I’ve seen.  There’s so much beauty and depth in this film which is complimented by two wonderful performances that blur the lines of character and…

  • Lux Æterna

    Lux Æterna


    It’s very unique and hypnotizing.  I was on board with it from the opening scene, the whole thing is just very interesting and well done.  Charlotte is great and the structure of style of this film make it unlike anything else.  I think mocks can be great, but pretty biased since I like the filmmaking process as well as Gaspar Noé. It’s basically about cinema itself; a day on set turned nightmare.  But I also saw it as somewhat of…