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This review may contain spoilers.

NOTICE: If you were hoping, like me, that the Redbox BluRay discs had the Director's Cut, they do not :( The only sources for it that I know of are purchasing the BluRay set or the digital version on iTunes, which is kind of dumb.

The way everything came together emotionally for Dani was kind of beautiful, in the most twisted ways possible...

...Twistedly beautiful...?

Each of the visitors met their own fate by way of their personalities and flaws. It's so crazy how the cult members are depicted. That one way, they practice these unsettling and violent rituals, and in another way, they have a means of (inadvertently? methodically? maybe a little of both) empathizing with Dani and helping her process the trauma of what had happened in the beginning of the film, as well as her unstable relationship with Christian.

Hereditary was so fresh as horror film, and Aster comes back with this?? Insane back to back films. Personally not as immediately gripping and terrifying as those last moments of Hereditary, but Midsommar is a different beast and had its own dripping atmosphere, not unlike The Witch. Actually, Midsommar feels like the best parts of The Witch and Hereditary together, while keeping its own originality and flair. It even felt like the whole vibe of the very last ritual scene in Hereditary was immenseley expanded upon and really fleshed out here, which makes the two films pretty essential to each other. I'm glad I decided to watch Hereditary before this.

I'm curious as to why the old woman belly-flopped off of the cliff, while the old man jacknifed it. She was able to have an instant death, while the man seemed to suffer incredibly more. And I mean, they have the clean-up hammer, but that kind of sucks if you need that after jumping.

I wish I got the Director's Cut. The 2.5 hours of theatrical cut went by really quickly for me and I would've appreciated extra scenes.

Shout out to Pelle's orange Leuchtturm notebook. I now feel a little creepy about having an orange Leuchtturm notebook.

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