Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

My most anticipated movie of the year, finally comes to fruition!

I am the first to admit that I love comic book movies, and Marvels films really click with me. Ever since I was a kid and all the way up to now I’ve been in love with these comic books and these films, and this is a comic book come to life. Half hilarious comedy, half awesome action film, half oil painting cinematography with a kick ass soundtrack; this film fucking rocks!!


Chris Hemsworths finest performance as Thor                        All the side characters including Hulk, Korg, Surtur, Valkyrie, Grandmaster and of course Hela, are utilised really well and get a time to shine                                   The colour pallet, cinematography, music, soundtrack                                             The references and throwbacks to all the old Avengers and Thor films, embracing the future and respecting the past 
The comedy is perfect, Taika is the first director who’s not Joss Whedon to fully understand who Thor is
The consequences and aftermath of the destruction in the film, it’s not just a throway, shit goes down and effects the universe 
The opening scene of the film is pure perfection 


Hela’s Faceless army sucked, all though herself was a badass                    The emotional moments didn’t hit as hard as I wished they did 
The End credits scenes
The fact it wasn’t longer 

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