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  • Drive
  • Taxi Driver
  • For a Few Dollars More
  • Heat

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  • Closer


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  • Dune



    Visually and sound wise this film is one of the reasons to go out and grab a 4K setup if you haven’t already. Unfortunately that’s where the positivity ends, personally I was quiet underwhelmed by this and was pretty much  jaded by the end. There is just something missing for me, maybe its the lack of emotional attachment I got from the characters,  or the disappointing fight scenes, or perhaps it is the long winded plot. Overall this film was…

  • Cry Macho

    Cry Macho


    Lets just say the excitement is always real when i see a trailer of a new Clint Eastwood movie, especially one in which he plays the main character. At 91 years old Clint is still rocking the cowboy hat which always puts a smile on my face. Yes ultimately "Cry Macho" is just an average movie, a lot of its story is basically a mesh between two previous Eastwood films "The Mule" and "Gran Torino", with the latter in my…

Popular reviews

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Gosling Really Is The Man!!!!!. This might be the most visually stunning movie that i have ever seen. So far my favourite of the year.

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    I may never truly understand this film in its entirety, but what i do know is that this is one of the most thought provoking movies in the last few years. With its meaningful messages and emotive soundtrack, this film takes you on a journey where we are left with more questions than answers. These questions relate to life, love, self worth, faith and death among others. Ultimately this film is a must see and one in which will bring out different kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions.....