Suspiria ★★★½

The original Suspiria is one of the most celebrated horror films in history and considered to be one of the most visually stunning films ever made, so was Guadagnino able to reach Argento's masterpiece? What the film lacks in the visual splendor of its predecessor, it makes up for it in a much more complex and interesting story. It has a spiderweb of plots that intertwine in a brilliant way. It is able to explore its plot around witches and feminism in much more depth and in a much better way. And it's cinematography is no less impressive. Although dominated by dull colours, in contrast with the vibrancy of the original, that dullness makes sense in this film. This isn't a film about colour and Guadagnino doesn't try to make it as such and he doesn't try to awe us with them. What this film is about and what Guadagnino is able to portray in such a brilliant way is movement. Movement is what dance is all about, especially in contemporary dance, which is the artistic background of this film (and as the son of a dancer and choreographer, I know what I'm talking about 😂). And because of this, I think this film is much more adequate for its subject matter and is able to add something more to the original. It has brilliant camera work that conveys this movement, as if the camera is a dancer itself. I was in constant awe with the movements of the camera just as I was in constant awe with the colours of the original. As for the performances, in my opinion they are much better than the original. Dakota Johnson proves once again that she is much more than Anastasia Steele and can actually play complex characters. And Tilda Swinton is absolutely stunning proving once again her chameleonic talent as one of the best actresses of our time! However the film does have some faults. In my opinion, there were some subplots that were a bit unnecessary and didn't add anything to the film and just served to overcomplexify the film. And I think it has an overlong ending. It outstretches it's presence on the screen, losing a bit of its charm and meaning after the climatic scene (which is where I think it should have ended) having an epilogue that I thought was pretty unnecessary. And so, in my opinion, Guadagnino was able to take a beloved classic and add something more to it, and actually is able to make a better film, although a flawed one.