• Oppenheimer


    Oppenheimer felt like I was watching a long movie trailer that gave all details away. Sketched with the same ‘Nolanesque’ —purposefully, or not— limited variety of dynamism, the film dries you down in an exhausting and all revealing exchange of lines, delivered by actors who, in lack of a better way, try to keep up with the fast-forward type of interactions. 
    The humor is the same humor you find in 2010’s films, which is not necessarily bad, if it should…

  • Lust for Gold

    Lust for Gold


    Added to my favorites.

  • Where Is the Friend's House?

    Where Is the Friend's House?

    I think the meaning of justice has been contorsioned to apply itself on topics which have become the living shadows of what the concept truly means, even if it has not ever been immaculately considered and felt. Moral justice, a prefix which I shouldn’t even have to add, has been devalued and while conscious about it, action hasn’t always been the strongest point. I like to think of childhood as a blank page. The feeling often becomes bitter-sweet when one…

  • The Watermelon Woman

    The Watermelon Woman

    Sometimes you have to create your own history.
    So good, so important, so intelligent.

    Added to my favorites.

  • Leviathan



    Despite the fact that, well, not much happens, this doc feels like a strong punch in the abdomen, like the grotesque sensorial experiences are crawling on your skin, in real time.

  • Wings of Desire

    Wings of Desire

    Human beings are so oxymoronically limited to birth and Thanos, and yet so limitless in the little absolute that we devour obliviously. We are happy, however, with this little absolute, sometimes so happy that we become ignorant to any kind of metaphysical experience. But then, sometimes, as the film reveals, people let that fog settle, a fog for what is physical, yet it clears the way to a broader truth, or, an attempt to the other absolute at least. People…

  • Aferim!


    How do people find this funny and good as a satire that’s meant somehow to defy conservative beliefs, when it’s a COMEDY about SLAVERY and the actors that play the oppressed are not even Romani people, but they’re white. This was atrocious.

  • Ulysses' Gaze

    Ulysses' Gaze

    Ulysses’ Gaze is the most intriguing and beautiful portrayal of balkan fraternity I have ever seen. Times of destruction, betrayal and violation of human rights is incredibly well blended with the history of cinematography and Theo Angelopoulos’ spectacular passion. Just like Mirror, the reminiscences of childhood trigger a distortion of time. The few years from 1945 to 1948 passed quickly, as the Soviet Union’s red armies occupied Romania and the family’s goods were confiscated once the monarchy was dissolved  and…

  • Eternity and a Day

    Eternity and a Day


    There’s this weird isolating power that Eternity and a day had on me, almost as if there were barriers placed on the sides of my TV, almost as if there’s this huge flower inside of me that has no room to bloom anymore. My words could never do it justice, but only spoil it and maybe diminish its greatness. Added to my favorites.

  • 12:08 East of Bucharest

    12:08 East of Bucharest

    Filmed after the RNW set off, it tries to combine humour (badly written) and realism, combination with which I don’t resonate at all. While the grotesque and ‘ugly style’, snow and bleak chroma reminds one of the other great films part of the wave, that is where the resemblance stops. Not to critique a film from the perspective that it doesn’t perfectly shape itself on the requirements, but, in my opinion, it simply fails at everything it tries to do.…

  • Half Shaved

    Half Shaved

    Securistul - de ce vrei bre să mă tai?
    Rebengiuc - Ca să se mire proștii

    N-am putut să mă abțin

  • Beyond the Hills

    Beyond the Hills

    Can I breathe now?
    What more can I say about this than what I usually say about RNW films? Strong acting, great, great naturalistic writing, amazing analysis of detail, truth, the indispensable scenes in which a cop/doctor/anyone who has a higher position in society talks about intimate issues while at work, unbelievably subtle, yet perfect positioning of the camera, anxiety based on reality - which is the worst, as it isn’t helped by music or a certain type of camera…