2046 ★★★★

2046 is captivating, in moments of dialogue between hopeless or forlorn lovers, the image entrances and entices the audience, pulling you into the world Wong Kar-wai has created and built upon with various other films. The first 30 minutes or so of this feature, and sporadically throughout, are moments of disjointed dreams, tales from the main character’s sci-fi novels that reflect his own life. I definitely can’t say the science fiction interludes played for me as well as everything else, if anything they sort of took me out of the headspace every other scene had set up so well.

It sort of felt like Casino to me in the opening act, where everything was more or less montage and I couldn’t get comfortable with characters or interesting moments within the inconsistent tone and pacing of the movie. I could see this improving upon rewatch, but so far, this is not my favorite Wong Kar-wai piece. With that said, there are undeniable moments of beauty that blew me away. I’ll definitely be checking out more of Wong’s filmography.

It takes place throughout multiple years, a large amount of it during various Christmas Eves, which is so far up my alley that it almost bums me out I didn’t dig it more. I’d say a good 60% of it was 5 stars for me though. 🎄 

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