Birth ★★★★★

One of those extremely rare films that are truly unique and without precedent.

Every time I watch Birth I’m reminded how brilliant it is at balancing tone, style, subject matter, and performance, because with a story like this, a single wrong step in any place would cause the entire thing to collapse.

Also amazing how it is shot and scored so beautifully, and how weirdly enjoyable it is, for a film that is this unsettling and creepy and ambiguous and devastating in so many ways.

Nicole Kidman can always be counted on to be great, but what she does here and her commitment to such an insanely challenging role is genuinely breathtaking. She’s not the only one though, everyone is excellent.

I’d forgotten that Anne Heche is in this. She was always so good in everything, even a smallish (though vitally important) role such as this. R.I.P.! 😢

Watching my entire collection in alphabetical order: Movie #115

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