Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★

While David Lynch is off twiddling his thumbs somewhere, I'm glad that there are still filmmakers out there like Leos Carax making movies as strange, evocative, and grandly ambitious as HOLY MOTORS.

Taking place in the course of about 12 hours, a man named Mr. Oscar (the fantastic Denis Lavant) is driven through town in a limousine, attending to nine "appointments." At each appointment, he dons a completely different identity, complete with make-up and wig. At various times of the day, he may be a hit man, a beggar woman, a freakish street urchin, etc... Even stranger than that relatively simple synopsis suggests, HOLY MOTORS is like a bizarre dream that occasionally shifts into a pornographic nightmare, full of meaning but whatever meaning you want to extract from it is entirely up to you. A surprising amount of emotional resonance, too.

Still processing it - I definitely want to watch it again before it leaves town.

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