• Pepsi, Where's My Jet?

    Pepsi, Where's My Jet?


    Entertaining 4-episode documentary series that is rather complex philosophically and emotionally (let’s just say I switched “sides” several times and ultimately wound up somewhere in the middle) but still mostly just breezy and fun.

    P.S. Coke is better, but I’ll take Pepsi in a pinch!

  • Blood Simple

    Blood Simple


    I’ve watched this movie several times and yet some of the twists still take me by surprise, and with every watch I notice something else about how brilliantly it all locks together like a puzzle. The very last piece of that puzzle is like the punchline to a perfect joke!

    Watching my entire collection in alphabetical order: Movie #145

  • Hobgoblins



    Incredibly cheesy and silly and I never wanted it to end! If you can’t have fun with this…I don’t know what to say. 

    It’s a blast, and the fun everyone clearly had making it comes right through the screen!

  • Infinity Pool

    Infinity Pool


    Cronenberg Sr. and Cronenberg Jr. both released films less than a year apart, and as much as I enjoyed Crimes of the Future, I think I gotta give this round to Brandon!

    Also, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Alexander Skarsgård and Mia Goth will do absolutely anything for a movie, and that is why I love them!

    Lots to chew on here. Fairly blunt social commentary but provocative and utterly captivating. Visuals I’m never ever going…

  • Blood Rage

    Blood Rage


    Louise Lasser makes some fascinating choices in this movie, that’s for sure! And Mark Soper is just extraordinary as Terry and Todd, identical twins (one of which is a hilariously jovial serial killer).

    Blood Rage is nuts in all the right ways, it feels subversive just because of how weird it is, even though it’s also a totally satisfying slasher!

    Watching my entire collection in alphabetical order: Movie #144

  • Moonfall



    Ever feel like watching a movie, but specifically something that you don’t actually want to see that much so you can just kind of watch it with minimal mental investment? That was me this morning when I cued up Moonfall.

    And guess what? I had been primed to expect the absolute worst but I actually had a pretty good time! I’m a sucker for the Independence-Day-style disaster film formula, and this is basically Roland Emmerich remaking that film (his own)…

  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream


    Requiem for a Dream is always popping up on lists with titles like “Movies That Are Too Disturbing To Watch More Than Once!” but I’ve watched this film at least 20 times, so take from that what you will!

    Crazy to me now how I used to think that the lengthy scene between Ellen Burstyn and Jared Leto right at the halfway mark slowed the film down a bit, because I now realize that this scene is absolutely vital and truly the…

  • Hanging Heart

    Hanging Heart


    Wow! This is fascinating, I can’t believe it even exists. It would be a trailblazer now, let alone in 1989.

    An unapologetically queer (and horny) murder mystery that is part soap opera, part art film, and part “Brian De Palma in Dressed to Kill mode” American-style giallo, and every scene feels like it could turn into porn at any minute. It is truly a one-of-a-kind offering, even more obscure that many of the films Vinegar Syndrome has resuscitated.

    Certainly cheesy and…

  • Scream



    Pretty sure I could watch any of the movies in this series any day of the week and never get tired of any of them!

    Really enjoyed revisiting; the whole film is such a heartfelt tribute to Wes Craven with so many neat little Easter eggs to that effect. I definitely smiled this time when I noticed a street sign that says “Elm St.” tucked away in the corner of one shot.

    Stoked for the new one!

  • The Murmuring

    The Murmuring


    For me, this was hands-down the strongest filmmaking in the Cabinet of Curiosities series. It is beautifully-made and extremely well-acted, and genuinely creepy. An emotional haunted house film done very right.

    Honestly my only complaint is that it’s too short, this is one of the few in the series that would have been even better at feature length. I could see this being a 4.5 or 5 star feature length film with added character detail. Still, a damn good short film.

  • Blood Fest

    Blood Fest


    I love this movie. It’s extremely silly and requires massive suspension of disbelief, but I’m all about suspension of disbelief if I’m having a good time watching a movie, and I have such a good time watching Blood Fest.

    The concept is a blast, it’s funny, it’s exciting and suspenseful, it’s imaginative, it’s clever, and so many of the characters are totally endearing and likable. That’s already more than enough, but it also goes deeper than that for me.

    It’s kind…

  • Sick



    Highly disappointing misfire from the seemingly can’t-miss team-up of director John Hyams (Alone) and writer Kevin Williamson (Scream). 

    A slasher film set in the early days of the COVID pandemic, it does have a gripping and suspenseful middle section. But you have to make it through a weak and dull first half hour to get there. And when you get to the final section, the killer reveal and motive, it is truly too dumb for words, which pretty much tanked…