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  • Out of Blue

    Out of Blue


    Metaphysical whodunnit noir. A worthy attempt to serve up something mind expanding. Ultimately collapses somewhat under the weight of its ambitions - but definitely worth your time.

  • Yesterday



    As a Beatles nut - with an eight year old son who has just discovered them independently of my usually draconian musical influence - I was predisposed to enjoy this, and am happy to report it didn't fail to deliver on that score.

    While I love the Fab Four, I'm no fan of the saccharine one (aka Richard Curtis) whose work usually hits me right in the gag reflex. His usual crimes are still present but Danny Boyle takes the…

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  • Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly

    Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly


    Middle England’s chain saw massacre...minus the chain saws, or the massacre, but very much with a bizarre family twisted in a quintessentially British blooded way. Not the easiest of watches for a handful of reasons, not least the sexual used girly - a role which crosses a series of lines, but a worthy viewing of an uncomfortable, not entirely unbelievable picture of the upper class gonecall wrong.

  • Booksmart



    I had a lot of fun hanging out with these people. I’ll miss them. 
    Fun. Refreshing. Set for cult status.