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  • My Fair Lady

    My Fair Lady


    Paramount’s restoration of George Cukor’s Best Picture and Best Director winner also looks great on 4K, which captures the richness of the film’s Oscar-winning art direction, cinematography, and costume design; much like their 4K release of “The Ten Commandments” earlier this spring, it’s an ideal format for pricey roadshow movies of the “See It Big” era. But it’s not just spectacle, either; Audrey Hepburn’s charismatic turn as the Cockney-flower-girl-turned-fancy-lady at the story’s center is as entertaining and sympathetic as ever, while Rex Harrison (another Oscar winner) convincingly conveys Professor Henry Higgins’ gruff exterior, and the begrudging softness it hides.

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  • The Father

    The Father


    The strange events at the conclusion of this year’s Oscars have cast an unfortunate shadow over Florian Zeller’s wrenching drama (and Anthony Hopkins’ superb performance in it) – and that’s a shame because it’s a beautifully acted and delicately rendered piece of work. Hopkins is the title character, an elderly patriarch with Alzheimer’s, and Olivia Colman is his daughter and caretaker. But unlike most dramatizations of such a story, which would adopt the perspective of the frustrated daughter, Zeller tells…

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  • Joker


    My favorite thing is how they introduce his diary but *don’t* have him voice-over from it, as if THAT was the thing that would make us all notice they were ripping off TAXI DRIVER.

    Anyhoo I fucking loathed it, and not because it’s particularly provocative or irresponsible; it’s too stupid to be. It’s just a dipshit lunkhead bro’s idea of how to make an Extremely Serious Movie. That score!

  • Mank



    My friend, the film critic, noted “Netflixpert” and Playlist contributor, Charles Bramesco, once summarized the conundrum of Netflix original films thus: “It’s where great filmmakers go to make their worst film.” This is, to be clear, not an airtight theory (and obviously subjective); for every few “Hold the Dark”s or “Land of Steady Habits”es, you can find a “Da 5 Bloods” or “Marriage Story” to effectively counter. But the underlying point stands. The streaming service’s much-noted hands-off production process seems…