The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½

Thanks to a sharp, insightful script and a stunning performance from Renate Reinsve, The Worst Person in the World revealed itself to be a beautiful, captivating tale of love and finding purpose that really touched me.

It's a smart and funny free-flowing drama that held my attention for its entire runtime, feeling completely authentic and avoiding the sugary tropes of pretty much every other romantic comedy on the market. The soundtrack is fantastic and I appreciated how it never repeats itself, always moving forward, even when Julie feels like she’s moving backwards.

I feel like its a film I’ll revisit it in a decade or so when I’m at a different point in life and it’ll hit me in a completely different way, but watching today, Worst Person is a triumph that speaks to every existential question I've ever asked myself, and I adored every part of it.

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