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  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter


    Reign of Fire walked so Monster Hunter could jog; please stop criticizing straightforward blockbuster genre work about soldiers fighting dragons for bad writing.

    I know I'm a filthy apologist but this is the most polished PWSA film yet! While it lacks that kind of formal experimentation that one can usually expect from Anderson (ambitious editing/ narrative motifs that would probably get ignored by most anyhow), it's got fantastic special effects and a straightforward pacing structure that reflects its video game…

  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    Honestly couldn't tell ya!

    Its central focus on AI & the Turing Test is its most superficial, uninteresting aspect! As such, corresponding dialogue is pretty bad, and I can't stand Domhnall's character even if Garland (sometimes) comes off as critical of that whole archetype.

    Simultaneously, (see: Danielle Wong's "Dismembered Asian/American Android Parts in Ex Machina as 'Inorganic' Critique) there are productive parallels being drawn between the ongoing Western data Imperialist and historical British Colonial narratives tucked in its more genre-conforming scenes.…

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  • The Circle

    The Circle


    Watch Emma Watson and Tom Hanks give a 2-hour TED Talk about why privacy is bad, I mean good, I mean bad? and about why freedom is good, I mean bad, I mean good?

    It's seriously an abhorrent work that inflates the very real issue of privacy to the point of belittling it. Alternates between laughably bad, uncomfortably cringey, and just flat-out boring. This is depraved, hateful cinema.

  • Paper Towns

    Paper Towns