Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can ★★★★

obsessed w how people pre-1980s treated airlines and flying generally like that was an OCCASION that was an EVENT you'd get all dressed up in suits n shit for like a 2 hour flight and you know what that sounds so much fun anyway sorry this is a little gay like just a little. cat and mouse dynamics as a concept. why as a man are you following another man's every move across an entire country for years. fbi but take away the f. haven't seen this since i was like 9 n the only parts i remember r the scenes with amy adams and where frank starts forging his papers im telling you know there is potential for con artistry somewhere inside me i know my roots!! who cares if the plot is a little messy this was the perfect end to leo's lesbian hair era u will be sorely missed</3 hes so surprisingly good at looking pathetic that's my favourite quality in a man it's almost as important to me as his thing for girls under 25

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