Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★★

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"Who were were when we were who we were back then?"

Holy Motors is.. Atmospheric.
Holy Motors is.. Unique.
Holy Motors is.. Existential.
Holy Motors is.. Raw.
Holy Motors is.. Humanistic.
Holy Motors is.. dreamlike.

Holy Motors is a journey, a metaphor of life in a cinematic state through the eyes of Leos Carax. I have not been engaged or mesmerize by a film like this since Lars Von Trier Dogville.

The simple but complex narrative worked in many levels, the references to new, old and classics film are beautifully crafted, this is Martin Scorsese's Hugo on acid.

The questions in my head, what I just saw? was that....? did he...?
I been trying to put together the puzzle that Carax show me, and I believe I do have an answer and interpretation, but at the same time I know, because of the many layers, this will change the next time I watch it.

Holy Motors is black or white, night or day, it will be loved or hated. It encapsulates why I feel in love with film, to be surprise, to be puzzle and most important to be amaze.

"December of Madness"

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