The Lords of Salem

The Lords of Salem ★★★½

Top 10 Horror Film 2013 Selection

"The goat has free will and for that reason he will always be punished by the oppressor, God. God must die. God is the unholy pig. We serve the butcher."

Talk about a bizarre, atmospheric, creepy story, Lords of Salem is not a common by the numbers horror film, it has the structure of a David Lynch film through the eyes of Rob Zombie, the film is out there, some will hated it, other will love it, I applaud the idea, I respect when directors take chances and grow some balls and make stuff like this.

The film looks great, the cinematography by Brandon Trost makes it look unsettle and bleak but at the same time the color pop, the best looking Rob Zombie without a doubt and the direction, smooth, even for a film that is atmospheric, very well pace and Zombie keep things interesting. John 5 soundtrack is powerful and bombastic, it fits perfectly with Zombie's bizarre story.

The Lords of Salem like I said before is bizarre, delivers some of the most creepy imagines in horror in 2013, this is a psychological horror film in many levels, Rob Zombie wanted to go out of his comfort zone and He did, the result.. a nightmarish dream about withes and satan, that in the hands of any other director would it been a by the numbers horror story but in zombie's hand a film that even if you hated it, it will stay in your mind.

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