• Hackers



    Rewatched HACKERS (for the bazillion time), what a gem of a film, the cast, the music, I feel without it we wouldn't have The Matrix.

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


    David Fincher’s THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO gets better every time I watch it. 

    I would even go as far to say, is Daniel Craig best silver screen performance, stunning soundtrack, freaking amazing cold gray cinematography and Rooney Mara, she is a delight.

  • 300



    300 oozes style, cool slo-mo, fantastic shots, the dialogue is one quote after another, the soundtrack is epic just for the sake of been epic, is hard not to enjoy it, this is the ultimate 80’s film in the 2000’s

  • Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge

    Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge


    A product of the 80's, no filler of fuss, simple and predictable story line, nothing out of the ordinary but still PHANTOM OF THE MALL: Eric’s Revenge is entertaining in a nostalgic kind-a-way and never hurts to have some cool deaths.

  • The Last Matinee

    The Last Matinee


    A self conscious straight out Giallo type of slasher, the use of strong colors remind me a lot of Argento.

    THE LAST MATINEE is entertaining, the gore and the characters keep me interested and the full on 80's synthesizer soundtrack was spot on.

  • Juice



    A suburban film noir, with a kick ass hip-hop 90's soundtrack, phenomenal performances, the film is more style over substance but does not take away how engaging and entertaining it is.

    A great double bill with Menace II Society.

  • Death Becomes Her

    Death Becomes Her


    This is Zemeckis having fun in the best way possible, a solid horror/comedy movie with Willis, Streep and Hawn been a delight. 

    DEATH BECOMES HER is a classic, have all the good vibes and cliches of a 90’s film.

    Films can’t get more entertaining than this.

  • TC 2000

    TC 2000


    I love action films from the 90's, I grew up watching them, TC 2000 is one of those I had the pleasure of watching multiple times on TV or VHS.

    Billy Blanks & Bolo Yeung are perfection and now (many years later) I can see Jason Storm was the inspiration for Blade.

  • Tremors



    A perfect buddy comedy/horror/sci-fi film, the chemistry between Kevin Bacon & Fred Ward is phenomenal, I could watch a show with this two.

    TREMORS is one entertaining film, is not mind blowing but is excellent at what it does, now I understand why so many people love it.

  • Eternals



    ETERNALS is not your conventional MCU movie even with the same ingredients, Chloé Zhao beautiful eye for composition and cinematography makes the film stand out from all others.

  • Her Smell

    Her Smell


    HER SMELL is fast, dirty, touching, chaotic and you are in the middle of everything, a fragmented story of a 90's musician dealing with her psychological traumas & addictions.

    Elisabeth Moss what an actress, hard to put into words how good she is, an iconic performance

  • Menace II Society

    Menace II Society


    MENACE II SOCIETY, an unapologetic portrait of a life molded into violence, a no hold bars films that takes from one morality tale to another.

    The Hughes Brothers debut film is a classic, an influential corner stone of 90's cinema.