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  • Mountains at Dusk

    Mountains at Dusk


    As the film starts, three characters are introduced having a conversation at the table of a restaurant in a snowy mountain hotel. The friends Andrzej and Jarek, along with Agnieszka, the latter’s wife are waiting for someone to come. Through her words we learn her husband is not making enough money at the hospital he works at and she complains because, according to her, she always has to push him to do get ahead. This time she is so concerned…

  • Blush



    Looking at the rehab camps within the context of that specific communist society with a grain of salt, I would say the whole conflict between Qiu Yi and Lao Pu has its actual roots in the relationship between the latter and his mother in the two crucial moments of the film: 1) When Lao Pu tells Qiu Yi to find another place to live, as a way to end his mother's complains about the government taking their land and the…

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Milimetrically designed to be liked, to not to harm anyone, to not to risk anything. In a few words, designed to get an Oscar

  • Birds of Passage

    Birds of Passage

    The structure of this movie is:
    1+1= 2
    2+1= 3
    ..and so on..

    If you enjoy predictable stuff on how gangs kill each other, plus drug cartels and Escobar-like ways of life, then go watch it.
    The movie gives a really bad light on Wayuu comunity and Colombian culture just as many other films do. In a near future transnational companies and politicians will use it to justify why it will be better to take lands, water and other resources away from those "violent and vengeful" groups.
    White people making a movie that portrays ethnic minorities as greedy and irrational underaged savages.