Dunkirk ★★★★½

Nolan mastered the technical aspects of this film. The direction, editing, cinematography, soundtrack, and also the acting were all perfected in this film. And the storytelling in this movie is just genius. On his first war film, Nolan proved he could handle films from this genre, and I wasn't disappointed at all by the his work in this film. I think Nolan's chances for winning an Academy Award for best director are bigger than ever.

However, seeing it for the first time I don't think Dunkirk reaches the level of some masterpieces like Saving Private Ryan and Apocalypse Now. Both wich I consider to be the greatest war films ever. I felt like Dunkirk wasn't as deep and didn't show the horrors of war like those film. It definitely showed the psychological effects on the soldiers. But it could've done more and let the film have a stronger impact on us. That could be a result of making a PG13 film wich I don't think was a good decision. And also the limits that faces a filmmaker when the film is based on a true story could have an effect on this.

Dunkirk is still one of the best war films, and the best film of this year so far. I will definitely watch it again, and that could change some of my views.

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