Alita: Battle Angel ★★★½

further echoing Owen's review here by saying its got that The Crow cultural/cinematic robe and going one further to say this shouldve been directed by Proyas. Ive never seen a mechgoth-future/intricate broad angst scream out so much for his hand.

also this is absolutely 1996 in a can. a pre-destined disaster for YA's, expensive visions and all about memory loss in a violent singular world. If it came out then, it would have Filter on the soundtrack, a doomed toyline and a clunky PC only game that no one would be nostalgic for except remembering the adverts.

its good and shite in magnetic ways and sets itself up for more, which i would truly really want because really sometimes i just want to sit for two hours and be knocked out with unsubtlety and the notion that there are modern action/genre/sci-fi worlds out there better than Marvels

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